Photo: Benjamin Krauss

The Propaganda Machine boasts 12 tracks of random metal funk punk mayhem, which kicks off with a massive intro performed by a real symphony orchestra! It also has some really, really amazing artwork from the hand of the ultra-talented Liz Buckfield, which you can preview here:

Moron Police - The Propaganda Machine cover art (by Liz Buckfield)

The album was recorded at Dreamlab Studios in Stavanger, mixed by Ashley Stubbert (Purified in Blood, Kvelertak) and finally mastered by Chris Sansom (Propeller Mastering).

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1. Intro
2. Charlie’s Enormous Mouth
3. Who’s That Chicken?
4. Whorehouse
5. Down at the Disco!
6. Go to Hell
7. Omnivorous Sexosaurus
8. Sunshine Road
9. Don’t Eat My Chocolate
10. Satan bor i Spind
11. Super Mega Awesome Couch
12. Mr. Jim